3rd IEEE International Symposium on Exploitation of Renewable Energy Sources

                           March 11-12, 2011                  Subotica, Serbia


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Final Program

Exhibition on Solar, Heat Pump and Heat Insulation


TeraTerm co. heat pump Subotica
Cim Gas co. Subotica, gas
Volks Bank Subotica
Emnel co. Subotica solar
Himel co. Subotica biogas
Origo Commerce co. B.Petrovo Selo - Bacsfoldvar solar
YUCommerce co. Subotica term isolator
Subotica Tech solar
JUMIIA - Association of Hungarian Engineers and Architects
DIP – Association of Engineers and Innovators
Bio Energy co. Subotica - bio diesel
JKP Vodovod i Kanalizacija Subotica

Saša Vučinić, Mayor of Subotica City
Representative of Hungarian Consulate in Subotica
Prof. Dr. Imre J. Rudas
Prof. Dr. Éva Pataki
Prof. Dr. József Nyers
Prof. Dr. Branislav Todorovic
Prof. Dr. Jenő Kontra


Towards Zero Energy Buildings: New and Retrofitted Existing Buildings
Prof. Dr. Branislav Todorovic

University Belgrade, Serbia

Construction of an Innovative Geothermal and Biomass-based Heating Plant in Vácrátót
Prof. Dr. Jenő Kontra

Budapest University of Technology and Economics, Hungary

COP of Heating-Cooling System with Heat Pump
Prof. Dr. József M. Nyers*, Árpád J. Nyers**

* Subotica Tech, Serbia, Óbuda University, Budapest, Hungary
** Subotica Tech, Serbia, Tera Term Co. Subotica, Serbia

Present State of Sun Collectors in Hungary
Prof. Dr. István Patkó

Óbuda University, Hungary

Autoregression Test of Solar Photovoltaic Energy Generation
Prof. Dr. Péter Kádár, Tibor Kliment

Óbuda University, Hungary

Renewable Energy Sources and Energy Efficiency for Building's Greening From Traditional Village Houses via High-rise Residential Building’s BPS and RES powered Co- and Tri-generation towards net ZEBuildings and Cities
Prof. Dr. Marija S. Todorović

University of Belgrade & VEA-INVI, Belgrade, Serbia and Southeast University, Nanjing, China
Olivera Ećim Djurić
University of Belgrade, Serbia
Ivana Matinović, Dusan Ličina
VEA-INVI, Belgrade

Improvement of Biogas Production by Biotechnological Manipulation of the Microbial Population
N. Ács*, Z. Bagi*, G. Rákhely*,**, E. Kovács*, R. Wirth, Prof. Dr. K. L. Kovács*,**

* University of Szeged, Hungary
** Institute of Biophysics, Biological Research Center, Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Szeged, Hungary

About the Serbian Energy Problems
Prof. Dr. Dušan Gvozdenac, doc Dr. J. Petrović

Faculty of Technical Sciences, Novi Sad, Serbia

Resonant Stirling Engines
Prof. Dr. S. Firstner, I. Fürstner

Subotica Tech, Subotica, Serbia

Impact of Large-Scale Implementation of Photovoltaic Devices to CO2 Emissions
Prof. Dr. M. LJ. Bojić*, G. Jovanović**, V. Marjanović*, S. Jovanović*, I. Nikolić*, Z. Djordjević*

* University of Kragujevac, Serbia
** University of Niš, Serbia

Thermopile Battery, Thermoelectric Generator as the Only Possible Alternative for Future
Kálmán Máthé*, Prof. Dr. Péter Odry**

*University of Pécs, Hungary
**Polytechnical Engineering College, Subotica, Serbia

Optimized Integration of Renewable Energy
Prof. Dr. Lajos Göőz

College of Nyíregyháza, Hungary

The Contribution of UFR in Measuring Water Volume by Water Meter in a Single Household
Doc Dr. Lajos Hovány

Faculty of Civil Engineering, Subotica, Republic of Serbia

Respecting the Thermodynamics Principles of the Heat Transfer - as the Most Important Condition for Achieving High Energy Efficiency in Buildings - Energy of the Ground and Heat Pumps - the Most Reliable Alternative Energy Source
Doc. Dr. M. Kekanović, A. Čeh, I. Hegediš

Faculty of Civil Engineering, Subotica, Serbia

Resultats of expotation of MIDEA air-water heat pump
CIM Gas doo Subotica

Biogas Promotion Initiatives for Central Europe in Szeged
Tamás Gyulai

Szeged, Hungary

Study of Brake Transient Regimes for a Small Wind Generator
Cosmin Koch-Ciobotaru, Radu Boraci, Ioan Filip, Cristian Vasar

Politehnica” University of Timisoara, Romania

Advantages of FEM Analysis in Electrical Machines Optimization used in Wind Energy Conversion Systems
Marian Greconici, Cosmin Koch

Politehnica University of Timisoara, Romania
Gheorghe Madescu
Romanian Academy – Timisoara Branch, Romania

Power Systems Expansion Considering Large Wind Farms. Case Study: Western Romania Power System
Asist. dr. ing. Dan Jigoria-Oprea, Prof. dr. ing. Stefan Kilyeni, Asist. dr. ing. Constantin Barbulescu, Prof. dr. ing. Gabriela Prostean, Florin Claudiu Solomonesc, Petru Dan Cristian

“Politehnica” University of Timisoara, Romania

Development of a Solar Collector for Thermal Applications
Marinko Rudić Vranić

Emnel L.T.D., Subotica, Serbia

Energy Analysis of Geothermal Heat Pumps with U-Tube Installations
Prof. Dr. L. Garbai, Sz. Méhes

Budapest University of Technology and Economics, Hungary

The Intelligent Energy
Máté Polyák

Óbuda University, Hungary

Renewable Energy in the Dangerous Waste
Prof. Denes Tot

High Scool „ Ivan Saric” Subotica

Pressure Drop During Condensation of Refrigerant R134a Inside Horizontal Tubes
Róbert Sánta

Subotica Tech, Serbia

Multiple Input DC-DC Topologies in Renewable Energy Systems - A General Review
Mihaela Gavriş, Octavian Cornea, Nicolae Muntean

“Politehnica” University of Timisoara, Romania

Optimal Energy Mix for a Grid Connected Hybrid Wind – Photovoltaic Generation System
Conf. dr. ing. Gheorghe Vuc, Conf. dr. ing. Ioan Borlea, Asist. dr. ing. Constantin Barbulescu, Prof. dr. ing. Octavian Prostean, Asist. dr. ing. Dan Jigoria-Oprea, Lucian Neaga

“Politehnica” University of Timisoara, Romania

Power Quality Monitoring and Analysis. Case Study for 220/110 kV Substation
Marius Cornoiu, Asist. dr. ing. Constantin Barbulescu, Asist. dr. ing. Dan Jigoria-Oprea, Prof. dr. ing. Stefan Kilyeni, Prof. dr. ing. Gabriela Prostean, Razvan Teslovan

“Politehnica” University of Timisoara, Romania

Hydrogenerators Refurbishment within Romanian Power System
Conf. dr. ing. Flaviu Mihai Frigura-Iliasa, Conf. dr. ing. Doru Vatau, Conf. dr. ing. Gheorghe Vuc, Conf. dr. ing. Marian Greconici, Conf. dr. ing. Adrian Vartosu

“Politehnica” University of Timisoara, Romania

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