July 17-28, 2017
Óbuda University / EKIK
Address: Kiscelli u. 78-82, H-1032 Budapest, Hungary

Introducing the host

Antal Bejczy Center for Intelligent Robotics

Host: Antal Bejczy Center for Intelligent Robotics

The Antal Bejczy Center for Intelligent Robotics ( is the leading research division of the University Research, Innovation and Service Center (EKIK, It was created as a primary reply to the rising demand of integrated education and application-oriented development in robotics. It is an independent platform within the Óbuda University, extensively relying on a national and international network of key partner institutions and companies in Europe and North America, predominantly. It acts as a research center of excellence, and has three major focuses for operation:

  • Cutting edge development in the fundamentals of robotics—including hardware and software; mechatronics, control and application.
  • Bridging the development projects to particular applications, tapping into the scientific results to solve the emerging issues of modern society.
  • Disseminating current knowledge about robotics both in structured form via university courses and to the wider public.
IROB is willing to become a competence center for R&D in service robotics, including medical, social and cloud robotics. Inherently, the Center is involved with technological development, focusing on novel instruments, robot platforms and sensors, with adequate control structures and user interfaces.
The Center is aiming to gain experience in manufacturing engineering, system testing, validation and commercialization. Technically, it provides “Software as Service (SaaS)”, “Platform as Service (PaaS)” and eventually “Infrastructure as Service (IaaS)” to other university units and external contractors. The key to its success is the ability to bring together mechatronics, software engineering and usability research to create the accessible robot technology of tomorrow.