2nd Romanian-Hungarian Joint Symposium on Applied Computational Intelligence
Timisoara, Romania
May 12-14, 2005
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List of Papers

Paper ID #Paper TitleAuthorsCountryFull Paper
001A Computational Methodology as an Artificial Language for Natural Language Rules and The Unification Based ApproachKonstantinos FouskakisRomania
002Some Properties of Fuzzy Conjunction Useful to Fuzzy RulesMarius L. TomescuRomania
003On a Class of Control Systems with Takagi-Sugeno PI-Fuzzy ControllersRadu-Emil Precup, Stefan PreitlRomania
004Fuzzy Connectives, Residuated Lattices and BL-AlgebrasDan Dumitrescu, Dan NojeRomania
005Towards a Model of Language UnderstandingMarius CrisanRomania
0063D Reconstruction Method for the Head SkeletonVirgilius Stănciulescu, Adriana Albu, Doina DrăgulescuRomania
007Artificial Neural Network in MedicineAdriana Albu, Loredana UngureanuRomania
008Modeling a Human Finger as an Automatic SystemLoredana Ungureanu, Doina DrăgulescuRomania
009Modeling the Motion of the Human Middle FingerDoina Drăgulescu, Loredana Ungureanu, Antonius StanciuRomania
010Numerical Analysis of LN 331 S Plate Stress and Deformation in Cranial FixationDoina Drăgulescu, Lucian Rusu, Antonius Stanciu, Loredana Ungureanu, Adriana AlbuRomania
011A Youla-parameterization Approach for Controller Design based on ESO and 2E-SO Methods for Electrical Drives (Low Order Benchmarks)Zsuzsa Preitl, Ruth BarsRomania, Hungary
012Componentwise Stability of BAM Neural Networks with UncertaintiesMihaela-Hanako Matcovschi, Octavian PastravanuRomania
013Multi-Agent Systems for Resource AllocationAlexandru Cicortas, Victoria IordanRomania
014The Use of the Pattern Recognition and Classification Techniques within an Assisted Research System for the Vegetal GeneticsNicolae Morariu, Sorin VladRomania
015Expert Systems Aplicated In Book-KeepingEugenia Iancu, Mihaela TulvinschiRomania
016Lotus Solutions for a Regional E-administration NetworkNicoale Robu, Vasile Stoicu-Tivadar, Ioan Silea, Lăcrămioara Stoicu-Tivadar, Dorin Berian, Adriana Albu, Gabriel VlasiuRomania
017First Order Linear Fuzzy Differential Equations under Generalized DifferentiabilityBarnabás Bede, Imre J. Rudas, Attila L. BencsikRomania, Hungary
018Neural Network Hidden Layer Number Determination Using Pattern Recognition TechniquesDumitru OstafeRomania
019User-Driven Heuristics for Nondeterministic ProblemsSorin C. Negulescu, Constantin B. Zamfirescu , Boldur E. BărbatRomania
020Paper TitleAnnamária R. Várkonyi-KóczyHungaryFull Paper
021The Prediction of Chaotic Time Series Using Neural NetworksSorin Vlad, Nicolae MorariuRomania
022A Study on Detecting Refactoring Opportunities to Introduce the Abstract Factory Design Pattern in Object-Oriented CodeCălin JebeleanRomania
023Real-Time Concepts Implemented in Distributed System Programming LanguagesHoria CiocarlieRomania
024Aspects of Using the Expert Systems at a Large Scale in the Financial and Bookkeeping ActivityMihaela Tulvinschi, Eugenia Iancu, Paul PașcuRomania
025Multi-Agent System Model for Urban Traffic SimulationAlexandru Cicortas, Norbert SomosiRomaniaFull Paper
026Reconstruction of Three-Dimensional Objects from Parallel Planar Sections – Comparative Analysis of Solutions of the Correspondence ProblemCătălin Tudose, Tudor MeteaRomania
027Foster Class ModelCiprian-Bogdan Chirila, Dan Pescaru, Emanuel ȚundreaRomania
028On DMV-algebras and Product MV-algebrasDan Noje, Dan DumitrescuRomania
029A Recursive Approach to Identify the Objects in a 2D Image Cezar PopescuRomania
030Multi-Agent System Model for Urban Traffic SimulationAlexandru Cicortas, Norbert SomosiRomania
031Analyses of Error Propagation in a Co-ordinate Table SoftwareGyula HermannHungaryFull Paper
032WEB-PS - A Web-based P System Simulator with Query FacilitiesCosmin Bonchis, Calin Gârboni, Cornel Izbasa, Gabriel CiobanuRomania
033Neuro-fuzzy Logic and Complex Sensorial Systems Used for the Planning of some Intelligent Vehicles Needed for the Transport of the Persons with Handicaps Valeriu Lupu, Cătălin LupuRomania
034Software Used for Personal Identification and Recognition Based on Iris PatternsLupu Valeriu, Catalin LupuRomania
035Design and Simulation of Two Adaptive Self-Tuning Controllers with Aplication to a Power SystemOctavian Prostean, Ioan Filip, Iosif Szeidert, Cristian VasarRomania
036Considerations above Modeling and Control of WindmillsIosif Szeidert, Octavian Prostean, Ioan Filip, Nicolae Budisan, Vasar CristianRomania
037The Bayesian Concept of Probability and its Application to Geologic ProblemsGyörgy Bárdossy, János FodorHungary
038Extension of the Modified Renormalization Transformation for the Adaptive Control of Negative Definite SISO SystemsJózsef K. TarHungary
039Platform-independent AIBO Navigation through the InternetZsolt Szabó, Zoltán VámossyHungary
040Language Identification Using Global Statistics of Natural LanguagesGergely Windisch, László CsinkHungary
041Paper TitleSzabolcs SergyánHungaryFull Paper
042Examination Method for Quality Assurance of Electronic and Electromechanical ComponentsMarianna Lendvay, Attila L. BencsikHungary
043Nonstrict Means: State of the ArtJános FodorHungaryFull Paper
044QA system for Hungarian based on Deep Web SearchDomonkos Tikk, Zsolt T. Kardkovács, Gábor MagyarHungary
045Paper TitleAuthorsCountryFull Paper
046Paper TitleAuthorsCountryFull Paper
047Paper TitleAuthorsCountryFull Paper
048Paper TitleAuthorsCountryFull Paper
049Paper TitleAuthorsCountryFull Paper
050Paper TitleAuthorsCountryFull Paper