4th Serbian-Hungarian Joint Symposium on Intelligent Systems
September 29-30, 2006
Subotica, Serbia



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Paper ID #Paper TitleAuthorsCountryFinal PaperRegistration
SUB-001Quality Controll in Function of Statistical Anomaly Detection in Intrusion Detection SystemsPetar Cisar, Sanja Maravic CisarSerbiaRegistration
SUB-002Security Considerations in Orientation ProjectMarianna SiposHungaryRegistration
SUB-003The Application of ‘WeLearn’ in Language TeachingLivia Szedmina, Andreas PutzingerSerbia, AustriaRegistration
SUB-004Paper TitleTünde KovácsHungaryRegistration
SUB-005Application of Aggregation Operators in Solution of Nonlinear EquationsTibor Lukic, Nebojsa M. Ralevic, Anikó LukitySerbiaRegistration
SUB-006Polytechnical Engineering College in Virtual RealityIgor Fuerstner, Nemanja Cvijin, Attila KuklaSerbiaRegistration
SUB-007Programming Mobile Robots in ANSI C Language for PIC MCU’sJános Simon, Tibor Szakáll, Covic Zlatko SerbiaRegistration
SUB-008Some Improvements to the Lucas-Kanade Optical Flow Detector in Motion TrackingZoltán ProhászkaHungaryRegistration
SUB-009Optimising Solar Tracking Systems for Solar CellsZoltán Kvasznicza, György ElmerHungaryRegistration
SUB-010Microcontrollers, Actuators and Sensors in Mobile RobotsIstván MatijevicsSerbiaRegistration
SUB-011Pseudo-Fourier TransformMartina Danková, Ivana Štajner-Papuga, Barnabás BedeCzech Republic, Serbia, HungaryRegistration
SUB-012Important Issues and Methodological Elements in Virtual ClassroomsGyula Kártyás, József GátiHungaryRegistration
SUB-013Fuzzy Sets - a Boolean Valued ApproachAleksandar PerovicSerbiaRegistration
SUB-014Automatized Analysis of Biomedical SignalsAndrej KorenicSerbiaRegistration
SUB-015A System for Neural Acoustics AnalysisAleksandar Jovanovic, Maja Jovanovic, Aleksandar Perovic, Miroslav MaricSerbiaRegistration
SUB-016Chronological and Dependency-directed BacktrackingMirna UdovicicSerbiaRegistration
SUB-017Adaptation of Edges in a Triangular MeshMiroslav Maric, Sana StojanovicSerbiaRegistration
SUB-018Intelligence for the Assistance of Engineering Decisions in Associative Product ModelingLászló Horváth, Imre J. RudasHungaryRegistration
SUB-019Period of Trade Crisis for Businesses Ranging from State-owned to PrivateEva Pataky, Andras SagiSerbiaFinal PaperRegistration
SUB-020Functions of Business Goals - Current UnderstandingsAndras Sagi, Eva PatakySerbiaFinal PaperRegistration
SUB-021Visual Studio Class Designer and Unified Modelling LanguageKrisztina KatonaHungaryRegistration
SUB-022Non-Associative Fuzzy Flip-Flop with Dual Set-Reset FeatureRita Lovassy, László T. KóczyHungaryRegistration
SUB-023Viruses using .NET FrameworkZsombor Zsolt KurdiHungaryRegistration
SUB-024Control Algorithm for Humanoid Walking Based on Fuzzy Reinforcement LearningDuško Katic, Miomir VukobratovicSerbiaRegistration
SUB-025On Further Development of Soft Computing, Some Trends in Computational IntelligenceDragan Z. ŠaleticSerbiaRegistration
SUB-026Algorithm for Computing the Digital Convex Fuzzy HullNebojša M. Ralevic, Vladimir Curic, Marko JanevSerbiaRegistration
SUB-027Digital Convex Fuzzy HullSlobodan Dražic, Svetlana Jakšic, Ljubo Nedovic, Nebojša M. RalevicSerbiaRegistration
SUB-028Adaptive Control of a Differential Hydraulic Cylinder with Dynamic Friction ModelJózsef K. Tar, Imre J. Rudas, János F. Bitó, Kazuhiro KosugeHungary, JapanRegistration
SUB-029Comparing Fuzzy Attribute Values in FRDBAleksandar TakaciSerbiaRegistration
SUB-030Plenary paper
Boolean Frame is Adequate for Treatment of Gradation or Fuzziness Equally as for Two-Valued or Classical Case
Dragan RadojevicSerbiaRegistration
SUB-031Representation of the Revised Monotone Functional by the Choquet Integral with Respect to Signed Fuzzy MeasureBiljana Mihailovic, Endre PapSerbiaRegistration
SUB-032An Axiomatization of the Hybrid Probabilistic-Possibilistic Utility TheoryEndre Pap, Marija RocaSerbiaRegistration
SUB-033Analog Interface Card – A2D2A for Texas Instruments DSP Development SystemsAntal Soós, Tibor Petres SerbiaRegistration
SUB-034Modeling the Neuro-Fuzzy Control with the Dynamic Model of the Permanent Magnet DC MotorOttó Búcsú, Gábor Kávai, István Kecskés, Péter OdrySerbiaRegistration
SUB-035Plenary paper
Non-Additive Measures and Integrals
Endre PapSerbiaRegistration
SUB-036Riemann-Stieltjes Type Integral based on Generated Pseudo-OperationsIvana Štajner-Papuga, Tatjana Grbic, Martina DankováSerbia, Czech RepublicRegistration
SUB-037Distributed Compensation and Role of Hands in the Synthesis of Biped Motion with Enhanced Degree of AnthropomorphismMiomir Vukobratovic, Branislav Borovac, Kalman BabkovicSerbiaRegistration
SUB-038Plenary paper
Humanoid Robotics
- Past, Present State, Future -
Miomir VukobratovicSerbiaRegistration
SUB-039The Role of Mathematics in the Solution of Geological ProblemsGyörgy Bárdossy, János FodorHungaryFinal PaperRegistration
SUB-040Integrated Process and Fixture Planning SystemMichael Stampfer, Attila RétfalviSerbiaRegistration
SUB-041Improved Kinematics Simulation Model of General Human and Humanoid MotionMilos JovanovicSerbiaRegistration
SUB-042The Handling of the Finite Element System in the Determination of Cartridge CasesJenõ SiposHungaryRegistration
SUB-043The Shapley Value for Capacities and Games on Set SystemsFabien Lange, Michel GrabischFranceRegistration
SUB-044Crisis Period in Operation of Companies during their Transition from State-owned to PrivateEva Pataki, Andraš ŠagiSerbiaRegistration
SUB-045Multiresulution Image Decomposition based on Uninorms and Absorbing NormsBarnabás Bede, János Fodor, Imre J. RudasHungaryRegistration
SUB-046Image Restoration by Partial Differential EquationsMirjana ŠtrbojaSerbiaRegistration
SUB-047Novel Operator Classes in Information AggregationJános Fodor, Imre J. RudasHungaryFinal PaperRegistration
SUB-048Quick Comparison of the Efficiency of Fuzzy Operatios Used in FLCMárta Takács, Claudiu Pozna, Ágnes SzeghegyiHungary, RomaniaFinal PaperRegistration
SUB-049Uninorms and Absorbing Norms with Applications to Image ProcessingJános Fodor, Imre J. Rudas, Barnabás BedeHungaryRegistration
SUB-050Various Calibration Functions for Webcams and AIBO under LinuxCsaba Kertész, Zoltán VámossyHungaryFinal PaperRegistration
SUB-051Improved Face Recognition in the Myra SystemTibor Kövér, Dénes Vigh, Zoltán VámossyHungaryFinal PaperRegistration
SUB-052Volumetric Error Correction in Coordinate MeasurementGyula HermannHungaryFinal PaperRegistration
SUB-053Evaluation of Open Source Learning Management SystemsAndrea TickHungaryFinal PaperRegistration
SUB-054Convergence of Programming Development Tools for Autunomous Mobile Research RobotsJózsef TickHungaryFinal PaperRegistration
SUB-055A Distributed Computer System for Gauge CalibrationHermannHungaryFinal PaperRegistration
SUB-056On Morse-Smale Complexes and Dual Sub-DivisionsLidija ComicSerbiaRegistration
SUB-057Motion Control of Wheeled Mobile RobotsGyula MesterSerbiaRegistration
SUB-058Technology and Know-How Transfer in European Perspective: Potentials and Possibilities with EU Accession of South-Eastern European CountriesLászló Ungvári, Sabine GossnerGermanyRegistration
SUB-059Contemporary Theories of Firm BehaviorAndrás Sági, Éva PatakiSerbiaRegistration
SUB-060Navigation and Residual Number System in a Rat's BrainZoltán SomogyváriHungaryFinal paperRegistration
SUB-061Paper TitleAuthorsCountryFinal PaperRegistration
SUB-062Paper TitleAuthorsCountryFinal PaperRegistration
SUB-063Paper TitleAuthorsCountryFinal PaperRegistration
SUB-064Paper TitleAuthorsCountryFinal PaperRegistration
SUB-065Paper TitleAuthorsCountryFinal PaperRegistration
SUB-066Paper TitleAuthorsCountryFinal PaperRegistration
SUB-067Paper TitleAuthorsCountryFinal PaperRegistration
SUB-068Paper TitleAuthorsCountryFinal PaperRegistration