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Recent Advances in Intelligent Engineering

Werner Brouwer

Health Economics – Demonstrating and Increasing the Societal Value of Medical Innovation

Abstract: Many countries aim to improve the affordability, efficiency and equity of their healthcare systems. Economic evaluations of health technologies can support funding decisions in line with these goals. This does require that these evaluations capture all societal costs and benefits adequately. Moreover, health economics can support the development of new technologies that offer value for money. In this lecture I will briefly discuss the developing methodology of health economic evaluations and how it can be used in developing and evaluating health innovations.

Márta Péntek and László Gulácsi

Innovative Digital Medical Devices from the Patients' Perspective: from Development to Successful Implementation


Abstract: In the development of digital medical devices, the key questions are what the device is developed for, how the outcomes can be measured in clinical trials and in real world use, and to what extent the device and its outcomes are in line with patients' needs, attitudes and preferences. In this presentation, we will briefly describe and provide some examples of how the choice and assessment of patient outcomes can support the successful development, market entry and management of digital medical devices.


May 8, 2024

Óbuda University, Room F09

Address: Bécsi út 96/b, H-1034 Budapest

Anikó Szakál