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Welcome to CINTI 2024!
Authors are welcome to submit original and unpublished papers and attend the IEEE 24th International Symposium on Computational Intelligence and Informatics (CINTI 2024) to be held on November 19-21, 2024, in Budapest, Hungary.
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The conference appears on the IEEE Conference Search.
Conference proceedings that meet IEEE quality review standards may be eligible for inclusion in the IEEE Xplore Digital Library. IEEE reserved the right to exclude a paper from distribution after the conference (e.g., removal from IEEE Xplore), if the paper is not presented at the conference. 'Pay to publish' is not allowed by IEEE. So at least one author of a paper must show up and present the paper at the conference.
The Symposium is organized with the focus of bringing together scientists from any country working on computational intelligence and its applications with the aims at providing an opportunity for sharing and discussing the recent research developments in this field. The idea is to have a small number of lecturers and participants in a relaxed and informal atmosphere.
The fields of interests of the conference include disciplines which are merged in the area of 'Soft Computing', 'Intelligent Techniques' or 'Computational Intelligence'. Therefore, its activity is not limited to fuzzy logic and fuzzy set theory, and involves also:

Fuzzy technology
Neural networks
Genetic algorithms
Modeling uncertainty
Hybrid systems
Special Session on PhD Student Workshop on Applied Informatics in Computational Intelligence (organized by László Horváth)
Special Session on Digitalisation, Generation Research, Consumer Trends (organized by Mónika Garai-Fodor, Ágnes Csiszárik-Kocsir and János Varga)
Plenary Speakers
Authors' Schedule
Full paper submission:
August 2, 2024
September 19, 2024
Final paper submission:
October 20, 2024

Óbuda University

Rooms F07, F08 and F09

Address: Bécsi út 96/b, H-1034 Budapest, Hungary

The symposium is organized as a part of Hungarian Scientific Season

CINTI 2024
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