IEEE 3rd International Conference on Computational Cybernetics

April 13-16, 2005
Hotel Le Victoria, Mauritius
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Sponsored by
IEEE SMC Chapter, Hungary
IEEE CI Chapter, Hungary
Budapest Tech, Hungary
Hungarian Fuzzy Association

Technical Co-sponsored by
IEEE Hungary Section
University of Mauritius

In Technical Cooperation with
IEEE Region 8
IEEE Joint Chapter of IES and RAS, Hungary
Japan Society for Fuzzy Theory and Intelligent Informatics
John von Neumann Computer Society, Hungary

List of Papers

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Paper ID #Paper TitleAuthorsCountryFull PaperNotificationFinal PaperRegistration
001The Use of Genetic Algorithms and Neural Networks to Approximate Missing Data in DatabaseMussa Abdella, Tshilidzi MarwalaSouth Africa
002Population Learning Algorithm and its ApplicationsPiotr JedrzejowiczPoland
003Boolean Modeling of Biological System Networks for Computational AnalysisJoe W. Yeol, Isaac Barjis, Yeong S. RyuUSARegistration
004Adaptive Systems and Interaction: The Design of Personalized Interaction in Computer-based EducationAndrina Granic, Vlado GlavinicCroatia
005American Option Pricing Using Bayesian Multi-Layer Perceptrons and Bayesian Support Vector MachinesMichael M. Pires, Tshilidzi MarwalaSouth Africa
006(Business) Cybernetics and Systems TheoryVojko Potocan, Matjaz Mulej, Sonja TrevenSlovenia
007Optimising the Verification of Patient Positioning in Proton Beam TherapyTrevor M. Ransome, David M. Rubin, Tshilidzi Marwala, Evan A. de KockSouth Africa
008Detection of Epileptiform Activity in Human EEG Signals Using Bayesian Neural NetworksNadim Mohamed, David M. Rubin, Tshilidzi MarwalaSouth Africa
009Reducing Inter-Agent Communication due to Negotiation in Multi-Agent Systems through LearningBradley Van Aardt, Tshilidzi MarwalaSouth Africa
010An Object Oriented Calculation Process FrameworkLukasz A. Machowski, Tshilidzi MarwalaSouth Africa
011Scicos Based Investigation of an Adaptive Vibration Damping Technique Using Fractional Order DerivativesJózsef K. Tar, Imre J. Rudas, János F. Bitó, J. A. Tenreiro MachadoHungary, PortugalRegistration
012Control Allocation and Autopilot Design for Agile Missile Employing Linear Time-Varying Control TechniqueJae Weon ChoiKoreaRegistration
013On the Computational Power of HerdsJozef KelemenCzech Republic
014Intelligent Computing for Management of Changes in Industrial Engineering Modeling ProcessesLászló Horváth, Imre J. Rudas, János F. Bitó, Gerhard HanckeHungary, South AfricaRegistration
015Adaptive Control of Robot-manipulator Using RBF NetworkHo Dac Loc, Nguyen Thi Phuong Ha, Luong Van LangVietnamFinal PaperRegistration
016An Optimization Model for Maintenance of Engineering StructuresAndrás BakóHungaryRegistration
017Model Comparison for Temperature Estimation Inside BuildingsEduardo M. Crispim, Marco D. Martins, António E. RuanoPortugalFinal PaperRegistration
018Analysis of the Performance of a Fuzzy Controller Developed to Guide a Simulated RobotPatrick B. Moratori, Adriano J. O. Cruz, Emilia B. Ferreira, Márcia V. Pedro, Laci Mary B. Manhaes, Leila C. V. de Andrade, Cabral LimaBrasil
019Potential-Based Fuzzy Clustering and Cluster Validity for Categorical Data and its Application in Modeling Cultural DataGeorge E. Tsekouras, Abraam Kawa, Evi SampanikouGreece
020Fuzzy-Petri-Net Reasoning Supervisory Controller and Estimating States of Markov Chain ModelsGeorgi M. DimirovskiTurkey
021A Synthesis Theorem: Adaptive Output Tracking Control for a Class of Composite SystemsBin Liu, Yuan-Wei Jing, Georgi M. DimirovskiChina, Turkey
022Gaining Features in Medicine Using Various Data-mining Techniques - A Case StudyMatej Mertik, Peter Kokol, Bojan ZalarSlovenia
023Multi-Agent System for Patient and Staff SchedulingGregor Štiglic, Peter KokolSlovenia
024Controlling Humanoid Robots using Genetic ProgrammingYasushi Kambayashi, Munehiro Takimoto, Yasushi KodamaJapan
025Estimation of Models for Knowledge Based SystemsMarjan DružovecSloveniaFull PaperNotificationFinal PaperRegistration
026Application of Intelligent Methods to Biological Signal ProcessingLenka LhotskaCzech RepublicFull PaperNotification
027A Synergy of Human Experts and Computers in LearningVili PodgorelecSlovenia
028Identifying Individual Process Patterns by Means of Non-Invasive Measurements: A First Case StudyAlberto Colombo, Ernesto Damiani, Gabriele Gianini, Marco ScottoItaly
029Business Information Management in a Web FrameworkAna Fermoso GarcíaSpain
030Agent-Based Modeling of Communication and Knowledge Networks in Corporate R&DNatalia KitaygorodskayaFinland
031OLAP Analysis in a Multiversion Cata WarehouseRobert WrembelPoland
032Internationalization as a Part of the Database DevelopmentTatjana WelzerSloveniaFull PaperNotificationFinal Paper
033Spatial OLAP Modeling: An Overview Base on Spatial Objects Changing over TimeGabriel Pestana, Miguel Mira da Silva, Yvan BédardPortugal, Canada
034Interactive Multimedia Applications in Production EngineeringGeorge L. Kovács, Géza Haidegger, Sylvester DrozdikHungaryRegistration
035The Effect of Varying Parameters on Performance for Adaptive Agents in Technical Equity Market TradingCyril Schoreels, Jonathan M. GaribaldiUnited Kingdom
036Construction and Control of a High Precision Coordinate TableGyula HermannHungaryRegistration
037Adaptive Peer-to-Peer Network Using Semantic RelationsBertalan Forstner, Hassan CharafHungary
038System Behavior Change in FLC by Parameter Sliding Using Distance Based Operators Márta TakácsHungaryRegistration
039Model Based Distance Learning on the InternetGyula Kártyás, József GátiHungaryRegistration
040Fuzzy Models, Identification and ApplicationsLászló T. Kóczy, János BotzheimHungaryRegistration
041Investigation of around Circular Cylinder in Case of High Reynolds NumberIstván Patkó, József DénesHungaryRegistration
042Software User Interface Modelling with UML SupportJózsef TickHungaryRegistration
043Perceptive Awareness in Building AutomationGerhard Pratl, Walter T. Penzhorn, Dietmar Dietrich, Wolfgang BurgstallerAustriaFinal Paper
044Characterization of Time Sequences of Physiological ParametersBalázs BenyóHungaryFull Paper
045Applying Inteligent Methods in Logistics ControllingTamás Hartványi, László T. Kóczy, Lajos TóthHungaryFull PaperFinal Paper
046Point Correspondence Matching for 3D Reconstruction Using Fuzzy ReasoningAnnamária R. Várkonyi-Kóczy, András RövidHungaryRegistration
047Paper TitleAuthorsCountryFull PaperNotificationFinal PaperRegistration
048Paper TitleAuthorsCountryFull PaperNotificationFinal PaperRegistration
049Paper TitleAuthorsCountryFull PaperNotificationFinal PaperRegistration
050Fuzzy Sliding Mode Controller Design with Variable Sliding SurfaceHung-Ching Lu, Ta-Hsiung HungTaiwan
051Situational Control Methodology in Control of Aircraft Turbo-compressor EnginesRudolf Andoga, Ladislav MadarászSlovakiaRegistration
052Non Emotional Behaviour Model for Group InteractionPéter KádárHungaryRegistration
053On-Line Optimizing Neural Networks for Kalman Filtered Real-Time IdentificationAnna Filasová, Dušan KrokavecSlovak RepublicRegistration
054Reconstruction of Planar Graphs from their Centered Triangulations in some Spatio-Relational ModelsÁgnes B. Novák, Zsolt TuzaHungaryRegistration
055A Fuzzy Controller to Overcome Saturation Non-LinearityChawdhurry Bhurtun, Iqbal JameerbacusMauritiusRegistration
056Fuzzy Logic Based Speed Control and Slip Compensation For Rotor Time Constant Variation in a Field-Oriented Induction Motor DriveIqbal Jahmeerbacus, Chawdhurry BhurtunMauritiusRegistration
057Imaging of Steel Reinforcement Bars using Planar Electromagnetic Induction TomographyYasdeo Bissessur, Chowdarry BhurtunMauritiusRegistration
058Monitoring Financial Market Trend Using French Written Textual DataY. Chuttur, C. BhurtunMauritiusRegistration
059Computer-Assisted Assessment System at the University of MauritiusKavi Kumar KhedoMauritiusRegistration
060TP Model Transformation in Non-Linear System ControlJózsef Bokor, Péter BaranyiHungaryRegistration
061Thesaurus in User Interface – Optimum Presentation of ThesauriRudolf Ungváry, Tamás RadnaiHungary
062Managing the Development of a Regional E-administration Network with Academic ExpertiseNicolae Robu, Vasile Stoicu-Tivadar, Ioan Silea, Lãcrãmioara Stoicu-Tivadar, Dorin Berian, Adriana Albu, Gabriel VlasiuRomania
063On the Application of Subjective Learning Algorithms in Decision-makingPéter Várlaki, László NádaiHungaryRegistration
064Polytopic and LFT Approach to Gain-Scheduling : A Design ExampleS. Hassen and Chowdarry BhurtunMauritiusFull PaperNotificationFinal PaperRegistration
065Stereo Camera Alignment based on Disparity Selective Cells in the Visual CortexBarna Reskó, Péter BaranyiHungaryRegistration
066Parallel Computer System Utilization in Geographic Information SystemsLiberios VokorokosSlovak RepublicRegistration
067Fuzzy Implications and Inference ProcessesJózsef Tick, János FodorHungaryRegistration
068Fuzzy and Anytime Signal Processing Approaches for Supporting Modeling and Control of Transportation SystemsTamás PéterHungaryRegistration
069Fractional Order Adaptive Control for Hydraulic Differential CylindersJózsef K. Tar, Attila L. BencsikHungaryRegistration
070Fuzzy Logic Based Speed Control and Slip Compensation For Rotor Time Constant Variation in a Field-Oriented Induction Motor DriveI. Jahmeerbacus, Chawdhurry BhurtunMauritiusFull PaperNotificationFinal PaperRegistration
071Uncertainty Representation in Nonlinear and Hybrid SystemsAnnamária R. Várkonyi-Kóczy, Péter VárlakiHungaryRegistration
072Convergence Detection Criteria for Classification Based on Final Error RateBoštjan Brumen, Tatjana Welzer, Ivan Rozman, Marko Hölbl, Hannu JaakkkolaSlovenia, FinlandRegistration
073An Experiment on a New Programming ParadigmYasushi KambayashiJapanFull PaperNotificationFinal PaperRegistration
074Paper TitleAuthorsCountryFull PaperNotificationFinal PaperRegistration
075Paper TitleAuthorsCountryFull PaperNotificationFinal PaperRegistration