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Hungary, Balaton, Balatonfüred

Hungary, member of European Union, is situated at the heart of Europe, between East and West, North and South. The Hungarian economy is the fastest growing economy in the region, especially with respect to information technology and telecommunication.

Balaton, the biggest lake in middle Europe, is 77 kilometres long, 14 kilometres wide and its total area is 600 square kilometres. At the western edge of Lake Balaton, the oldest town of the region, Keszthely is awaiting the visitors. Four kilometres from Keszthely, we can find Lake Hévíz, which has curative hot springs and radioactive mud for those suffering in rheumatism and illnesses of the nervous system, etc. Europe’s biggest hot water lake has marvellous flowers from May to November. “The best wines are produced where the grapes can see themselves in Lake Balaton”, according to a local saying. The northern shore of the lake is famous for its excellent wines.Tihany peninsula is visited even by those who can spare only a day to see the Hungarian See. It has an unparalleled panorama.The sailing season starts in May and it is celebrated at Balatonfüred, just as well as the Anna Ball in late July.

Balatonfüred is generally considered the capital of the northern part of Balaton. It is famous for its very good wine. The town is a real tourist centre with a line of hotels, private villas and long beaches where the visitor is awaited in Hungarian style and international restaurants. The official website is http://www.balatonfured.hu