9:00 EKIK International ERC and Bejczy Day Opening Ceremony – Prof. Imre J. Rudas, Workshop Chair
9:10 The Significance of ERC in Eurpean Research – Prof. Levente Kovács [Presentation]
9:15Scientific Excellence at Óbuda University – Prof. Mihály Réger, Rector of Óbuda University [Presentation]
9:20The Academy and the Universities in Hungary – Prof. Domokos Szász, MTA vice-president [Presentation]
9:40Research Results at the Antal Bejczy Center for Intelligent Robotics – Dr. Péter Galambos, BARK director [Presentation]
10:10Tamed Cancer – Prof. Levente Kovács, ERC project leader [Presentation]
10:40Coffee break
11:15Cooperative Systems and their Control - Prof. József Bokor, MTA SZTAKI [Presentation]
11:35The International Bejczy Day – Tamas Haidegger, IROB vice-director
11:40Award Ceremony of the Antal Bejczy Student Publication Prize – Prof. János Somló, Award Committee Chair [Presentation]
11:55Dr. Tamás Haidegger (OU): Open surgical robotic research – a global network [Presentation]
12:25Prof. Peter Sincák (University of Kosice): Towards Cloud-based Social Robotics [Presentation]
12:55 Snack Lunch
14:00Recent Advances in Robotics and ICT – Tamás Haidegger
14:05Johanna Sájevics-Sápi (Óbuda University): Engineering Methods for Cancer Treatment [Presentation]
14:25Dávid Csercsik (Óbuda University): Mathematical Models of Tumor Growth [Presentation]
14:45Dániel Drexler (Óbuda University): Control Engineering Challenges and Results [Presentation]
15:05Prof. Gurvider Virk (CLAWAR): Challenges in Emerging Service Robots [Presentation]
15:35Coffee break
16:10Dr. Jan Veneman (Technalia): Rehabilitation Robotics on the Rise [Presentation]
16:40Dr. Gernot Kronreif (ACMIT): Small is Beautiful – a New Robotic Setup for Neurosurgery [Presentation]
17:10Closing remarks – Prof. Dr. Imre J. Rudas
18:00Welcome Reception

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