Welcome Message from the General Chair

(in Hungarian)

Dr. László Nádai, General Chair      

CANDO-EPE 2020 presentations

Session on Lighting Applications

Péter János Varga, Tibor Wührl and László Balázs
Convergence of Electrical Engineering Disciplines: Lighting and Infocommunication

Laszlo Balazs and József Nádas
Spatial distribution of photon flux density created by LED grow lights

Session on Power Systems

Cristian Paul Chioncel, Ovidiu Gelu Tirian, Nicoleta Gillich and Anamaria-Cătălina Nițu
Time frame reduction for MPP operation of Wind Turbines

Alen Hatibovic, Péter Kádár and György Morva
Comparison of the Length of the Catenary Curve and its Parabolic Approximation in the Span of an Overhead Line

György Morva and Illia Diahovchenko
Effects of COVID-19 on the electricity sectors of Ukraine and Hungary: challenges of energy demand and renewables integration

Ružica Kljajić, Predrag Marić, Hrvoje Glavaš and Matej Žnidarec
Microgrid Stability: A Review on Voltage and Frequency Stability

Ehtasham Mustafa, Ramy S. A. Afia and Zoltán Ádám Tamus
Application of Novel Electrical Aging Markers for Irradiated Low Voltage Nuclear Power Plant Power Cables

Róbert Štefko, Zsolt Conka, Juraj Kurimsky and Michal Kolcun
Problems of protection of industrial networks with a high share of renewable energy sources

Elisabeta Spunei, Ion Piroi, Ștefan-Gheorghe Mătăsaru and Florina Piroi
Low-power Photovoltaic Installation Behaviour Analysis

Toni Varga, Tin Benšić, Vedrana Jerković Štil and Marinko Barukčić
Modern Induction Machine Control Methods Comparison

Marinko Barukčić, Toni Varga, Vedrana Jerković Štil and Tin Benšić
Multiobjective optimal allocation of distributed generation considering load and renewable source power profiles

Fahad Al-Amyal, Laith Al Qurran and Laszlo Szamel
Torque Sharing Function Optimization for Extended Speed Range Control in Switched Reluctance Motor Drive

Vladimir Kohan, Zsolt Čonka and Michal Kolcun
Impact of TCSC on generator operation

Daniel Pál, György Morva, Péter Kádár and Ľubomír Beňa
The effect of small power plants on the distribution of mains voltage and power losses

Ervin Racz and Zoltán Varga
Investigation of the Maximum Power Point on a DSSC Solar Cell based on the incoming light irradiation and the temperature

Mihnea-Antoniu Covaci and Lorant Andras Szolga
Implementation of Parallel PSO for Synchronous Constant Current Converter

Ramy Afia
Time Domain Spectroscopy of Low Voltage Nuclear Power Cables Under Simultaneous Thermal and Mechanical Aging

Mátyás Kasparek, Tamás Schneider and Emoke Imre
Wind velocity measurements on a 55 m high landfill hill

Session on E-mobility

Ferenc Novothny
E-mobility protection against electric shock 2

Session on Embedded Programming

György Schuster and László Ady
Baware of human

Tibor Wührl and Sandor Gyanyi
Efficient tone recognition and digital modulation with a low-cost Signal Controllers

Syeda Komal Anjum and Carsten Wolff
Integration of Agile Methods in Automotive Software Development Processes

Mihnea-Antoniu Covaci and Lorant Andras Szolga
High Power Laser Tracking and Targeting System

Session on Transportation On-Board Control

Lindokuhle Mpanza and Jimoh Pedro
Sliding Mode Control of an Optimal Electromechanical Actuator Swashplate Using Cuckoo Search Algorithm

Peter Kadar, Zsolt Marcell Temesvári and István Szén
Innovative solutions in the 125 years old Budapest Metro No.1.

Session on IoT and CPS

Tianxiang Wang, Bing Wu, Chen Chen, Liang Xuan, Xinyu Chen and Lijun Qian
Global trajectory planning for Autonomous Valet Parking with segmentation, rewind and relaxation

Csaba Hajdu, János Hollósi, Rudolf Krecht, Áron Ballagi and Claudiu Radu Pozna
Economical Mobile Robot Design Prototype and Simulation for Industry 4.0 Application

Markus Kuller, Fabian Kohlmorgen, Nursi Karaoglan, Marco Niemeyer, Ingo Kunold and Hendrik Woehrle
Conceptual design of a digital twin based on semantic web technologies in the smart home context

Session on Energy Efficiency

Mircea Buzdugan, Calin Ciugudeanu and Angel Campianu
Energy Efficiency versus Harmonic Analysis in Low Voltage Networks

Guglielmina Mutani, Silvia Santantonio, Jens Lowitzsch, Lucas Roth and Pasqual Slevec
Economic incentives for energy efficiency measures and low-emissions technologies

Lindita Dhamo, Aida Spahiu and Orion Zavalani
Application of luminous flux regulator for energy savings in a LEDs adapted streetlight system in Tirana

Session on Advanced Instrumentation and Data Acquisition Systems

Bahram Choubin, Farzaneh Sajedi Hosseini, Zoltan Fried and Amir Mosavi
Application of Bayesian Regularized Neural Networks for Groundwater Level Modeling

Nahid Salimi, Vahid Rafe, Hamed Tabrizchi and Amir Mosavi
Fuzzy Genetic Algorithm Approach for Verification of Reachability and Detection of Deadlock in Graph Transformation Systems

Session on Computer Systems for Healthcare and Medicine

Kata Rebeka Szucs and Dóra Maros
Mobile usage during COVID-19

Zsolt Markella, Adrienn Dobai and Tamás Vizkelety
Three-dimensional determining the midsagittal plane of the facial skull on CBCT volume tomogram

Hamed Tabrizchi, Amir Mosavi, Akos Szabo-Gali, Laszlo Nadai and Imre Felde
Rapid COVID-19 Diagnosis Using Deep Learning of the Computerized Tomography Scans

Sina Ardabili, Amir Mosavi, Shahab S. Band and Annamaria R. Varkonyi-Koczy
Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) Global Prediction Using Hybrid Artificial Intelligence Method of ANN Trained with Grey Wolf Optimizer

Session on Intelligent Distributed Systems and Remote Control

Danut Adrian Postovei
Implementation of a Substations Distributed Control System for Power Systems Laboratory

Uwe Jahn, Merlin Stampa, Andreas Sutorma, Felix Willich, Jörg Thiem, Christof Röhrig and Carsten Wolff
A Recommendation for a Systems Engineering Process and System Architecture for UAS

Session on Big Data

Melvin Ogbolu, Alex Gbenimachor and Miklos Kozlovszky
Advanced Algorithms for Predicting Normal and Weak Immune System Among HPV-infected Women

Session on Nearly Zero Energy Buildings

Guglielmina Mutani, Valeria Todeschi, Josè Perfetto and Francesco Paolo Lamacchia
Tradition and innovation: nZEB hi-tech houses. A case study in Matera (Italy)

Session on Smart Cities and Energy Communities

Pirmin Held, Daniel Weißhaar, Djaffar Ould Abdeslam and Dirk Benyoucef
Investigation of Rogowski Current Sensors for Appliances Classification in NILM

Rikin Tailor, Zsolt Conka, Michal Kolcun and Lubomír Bena
Electric Energy Flow Alogorithm for Household in Smart Street Development

Zsolt Bederna, Zoltán Rajnai and Tamás Szádeczky
Attacks against energy, water and other critical infrastructure in the EU

Aida Spahiu, Detar Bizhga and Lindita Dhamo
Reduction of Electricity Consumption and Water Cost in Pump Application

Guglielmina Mutani, Simone Beltramino and Matteopaolo Schiavone
Place-based Atlas for Energy Communities using Energy Performance Certificates Database

Guglielmina Mutani, Valeria Todeschi, Marta Carozza and Andrea Rolando
Urban-Scale Energy Models: relationship between urban form and energy performance

Guglielmina Mutani, Silvia Santantonio and Dimitrios Goulias
Environmental protocol for Energy Communities

Session on Electronic Materials, Devices and their Applications

Zoltán Farkas, Antal Ürmös and Akos Nemcsics
Statistical Analysis of Droplet Epitaxal Nano-structure Growth Parameters – as Preliminary for Technological Support

Péter János Varga and Péter Miksa Hell
Assisting law enforcement tasks with thermal camera drones