9th IEEE International Symposium on Applied Machine Intelligence and Informatics


Full paper submission:
November 9, 2010

December 10, 2010

Final paper submission:
January 4, 2011


SACI 2011
INES 2011
SISY 2011
LINDI 2011
CINTI 2011
SAMI 2012

Date and Place

The conference will take place on January 27-29, 2011, in Smolenice, Slovakia.


Congress Centre Smolenice of Slovak Academy of Sciences.

Official Language

The official language of the conference is English. All the camera-ready manuscripts should be submitted in English, and presentations should be made in English.


Each accepted paper reaching us in time will be published in the volume of proceedings that will be distributed at the registration desk.

Opening Hours of the Registration Desk

The registration desk will be open during the conference.

Paper Presentation

All paper must be presented either in oral session or in poster session. If a paper, included into the proceedings, fails to be presented any way at the conference, all authors of the paper will be bar out from paper submission to conferences of the organizers in the future.

Oral Presentation
Presentations can be made by using OHP or data projector. All authors are kindly asked to take their presentation on CD or USB drive. To present the paper it is not allowed to use own computer. Conference room is supplied with OHP and data projector with PC.

Poster Presentation
If you choose to present your paper in a poster session, not in an oral session, please prepare the presentation into 9 A4 sheets or 1 large (70x100 cm) sheet, bring it with you to the conference and post it to the chart. Poster presentation does not mean just to print out your final paper, but it should be edited to make it scenic

Lunch and Reception

All registered participants are cordially invited for lunch, evening reception and banquet.


There is wireless internet access in the castle.


Please, be so kind to your lungs and your colleagues by not smoking in the building and social events of the conference.

Final Program

Magnetic Aura Study of Small Turbojet Engine MPM 20 and Possibilities of its Usability in MPM 20 Situational Control
Jana Eperješiová Modrovicová, Ladislav Madarász, Rudolf Andoga, Ladislav Fozo, Tomáš Karol

Technical University of Košice, Slovakia

Application of P-graph-based Workflow for Administrative Process Modeling
József Tick

Óbuda University, Budapest, Hungary

Measuring Student’s Computer Science Knowledge at the End of the primary stage in Hungary
Gábor Kiss

Óbuda University, Budapest, Hungary

Issues regarding Mathematical Modeling of Wind Aggregates
I. Filip, I. Szeidert, G. Prostean, C. Vasar

“Politehnica” University from Timisoara, Romania

Plain Coils for PWM Application
György Györök, József Lakner

Óbuda University, Székesfehérvár, Hungary

An Introduction to the Neural DF Architecture
Liberios Vokorokos, Norbert Ádám

Technical University of Košice, Slovakia

Bayes Classifier and loss Functions
E. Ocelíková*, D. Klimešová**

* Technical University of Košice, Slovak Republic
** Czech University of Agriculture, Prague, and Czech Academy of Sciences, Prague, Czech Republic

New Trends in Computer System Based Higher Education Processes
József Gáti, Gyula Kártyás

Óbuda University, Budapest, Hungary

Using Advanced Data Mining and Integration in Environmental Risk Management
Ladislav Hluchý, Ondrej Habala, Martin Seleng, Peter Krammer, Viet Tran

Insitute of Informatics, Slovak Academy of Sciences, Bratislava, Slovakia

Recent Results on Migrative Triangular Norms
János Fodor, Imre J. Rudas

Óbuda University, Budapest, Hungary

Recursive Tuning Algorithm for Assist Controller of a Trolley Crane System
Kalevi Tervo*, Anuj Rohilla*, **

* Aalto University School of Science and Technology, Espoo, Finland
** National Institute of Technology Durgapur, Durgapur, India

Experiences in Building of Context-free Grammar Tree
László Kovács, P. Barabás

University of Miskolc, Hungary

Supervision in Synthesis of Agents Cooperation
F. Capkovic

Institute of Informatics, Slovak Academy of Sciences, Bratislava, Slovakia

Software Product Lines-based Development
Dávid Zakál, László Lengyel, Hassan Charaf

Budapest University of Technology and Economics, Hungary

Towards Automatic Norm Compliance in Construction Domain
Adrian Groza, Camelia Man

Technical University of Cluj-Napoca, Romania

Soft Computing-based Anytime Modeling Methodology for Handling Resource Insufficiency
Annamária R. Várkonyi-Kóczy

Óbuda University, Budapest, Hungary

On Observer-based Residual Generator Design for a Class of Nonlinear Systems
Dusan Krokavec, Anna Filasová

Technical University of Košice, Slovakia

Spoken Term Detection Based on the Most Probable Phoneme Sequence
Gábor Gosztolya

University of Szeged, Hungary
László Tóth
Research Group on Artificial Intelligence of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Szeged, Hungary

Identification of Carnatic Raagas using Hidden Markov Models
A. Srinath Krishna*, P. V. Rajkumar†, K. P. Saishankar‡, Mala John§

*Cisco Systems, Bangalore
† McGill University, Canada
‡, Indian Institute of Technology, Madras
§ Madras Institute of Technology, Anna University

Discussions on Accessibility in Industrial Automation Systems
H. Vieritz*, F. Yazdi**, N. Jazdi**, D. Schilberg*, S. Jeschke*, P. Göhner**

* RWTH Aachen University, Germany
** University of Stuttgart, Germany

New Model Entities for Corporate Knowledge Representations in Product Model Space
László Horváth, Imre J. Rudas

Óbuda University, Budapest, Hungary

Hybrid Concepts of Analytic Modeling of the MPM 20 Engine
R. Andoga, L. Madarász, L. Fozo, M. Bucko

Technical University of Košice, Slovakia

Comparison of Artificial Immune Systems with the Particle Swarm Optimization in Job-Shop Scheduling Problem
J. Zelenka, T. Kasanický

Institute of Informatics, Slovak Academy of Sciences, Bratislava, Slovakia

Improving the Performance of Artificial Immune System in Estimation Problems with Normalization Technique: A Case Study of USA, Japan and France Electricity Consumption
M. Valipour*, S. A. Shabibi*, M. Saberi**, A. Azadeh***

* Islamic Azad University, Tafresh Branch, Iran
** Azad University, Tafresh Branch
*** University of Tehran, Iran

Linear Scale Calibration Machine
Gyula Hermann

Óbuda University, Budapest, Hungary

SVM-based Knowledge Topic Identification toward the Autonomous Knowledge Acquisition
Keedong Yoo

Dankook University, Cheonan, South Korea

Ensuring Software Quality by Formal Modeling
Zsolt Csuka, László Lengyel

Budapest University of Technology, Hungary

Real-Time Simulations of Environmentally Friendly Flight Control System
P. Chudy*, P. Rzucidlo**

* Brno University of Technology, Czech Republic
** Rzeszow University of Technology, Rzeszow, Poland

Intelligent Prediction of Crude Oil Price Using Support Vector Machines
Adnan Khashman, Nnamdi I. Nwulu

Near East University, Lefkosa, Turkey

Development and Evaluation of Normal Performance Recovery Method of a Functional System
I. Karpics, Z. Markovics

Riga Technical University, Riga Latvia

Combining Object-oriented and Ontology-based Approaches in Human Behaviour Modelling
M. Kvassay*, L. Hluchý*, B. Kryza**, J. Kitowski**, M. Šeleng*, Š. Dlugolinský*, M. Laclavík*

* Institute of Informatics, Slovak Academy of Sciences, Bratislava, Slovakia
** University of Science and Technology in Cracow, Poland

Sketch4Match – Content-based Image Retrieval System Using Sketches
B. Szántó, P. Pozsegovics, Z. Vámossy, Sz. Sergyán

Óbuda University, Budapest, Hungary

A Real-Time Scheduling Architecture for IEEE 802.16 - WiMAX Systems
Melek Oktay, Haci Ali Mantar

Gebze Institute of Technology, Kocaeli, Turkey

Software Engineering Tasks Instrumentation by Category Theory
Cs. Szabó, V. Slodicák

Technical University of Košice, Slovakia

Measure of Smartness
Péter Kádár

Óbuda University, Budapest, Hungary

Interest Point Detection for Vision-based Mobile Robot Navigation
M. Hanajík, R. Ravas, V. Smieško

Slovak University of Technology, Bratislava, Slovakia

Fuzzy Rule Base Construction for Minnesota Code
Norbert Sram, Márta Takács

Óbuda University, Budapest, Hungary

Feature Selection for Support Vector Regression in the Application of Building Energy Prediction
Hai-xiang Zhao, Frédéric Magoules

Applied Mathematics and Systems Laboratory, Ecole Centrale Paris, Chatenay Malabry, France

Classification of Alcoholic Subjects using Multi Channel ERPs based on Channel Optimization and Probabilistic Neural Network
Mehmet Cokyilmaz, Nahit Emanet

Fatih University, Buyukcekmece, Istanbul, Turkey

An Adaptive Tuning Model for Cognitive Info-Communication Channels
Ádám Csapó, Péter Baranyi

Budapest University of Technology and Economics, Hungary
Computer and Automation Research Institute, Budapest, Hungary

Extending Intelligent Collaboration Using Semantic Information in the VirCA System
István Marcell Fülöp

Computer and Automation Research Institute, Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Budapest, Hungary

Novel Emotion Dynamic Express for Robot
Dong-Hwa Kim*, Péter Baranyi**

* Hanbat National University, Daejeon City, Korea
** Computer and Automation Research Institute of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences (MTA SZTAKI)

VirCA Demo
Péter Baranyi

MTA SZTAKI, Budapest, Hungary

Distributed Secure Agent Platform for Crisis Management
E. Gatial, Z. Balogh, B. Šimo, L. Hluchý

Institute of Informatics, Slovak Academy of Sciences, Bratislava, Slovakia

Expert System for Optimization of Food Consumption in Intelligent Home
Márta Seebauer

Óbuda University, Székesfehérvár, Hungary

Preliminary Investigations on a Higher Order Model–free Approach in Antilock Braking
Teréz A. Várkonyi, János F. Bitó, Imre J. Rudas, József K. Tar

Óbuda University, Budapest, Hungary

Going to Alternative Reasoning in Social Sciences by the Aid of CI (Crossbreed Processing of New Knowledge)
Ladislav Andrášik

Slovak University of Technology, Bratislava, Slovakia

Fuzzy Sliding Mode Control of Non-holonomic Wheeled Mobile Robot
J. Keighobadi, Y. Mohamadi

University of Tabriz, Tabriz, Iran

Mixed Risk Aversion: Probabilistic and Possibilistic Aspects
I. Georgescu

Academy of Economic Studies, , Bucharest, Romania

An Access System for Buildings Based on Smart Cards
M. Popa, H. Ciocarlie

“Politehnica” University of Timisoara, Timisoara, Romania

Distributed Intelligent Climate System for Indoor Locations
M. Popa, H. Ciocarlie

“Politehnica” University of Timisoara, Timisoara, Romania

Identification and Analysis of Human Pose in Video
Ishita Chakraborty, Tanoy Kr. Paul

Jadavpur University, Kolkata, India

Dynamic Model of Vehicle with Two Coaxial Parallel Wheels
A. Gmiterko, M. Vacková

Technical University of Košice, Slovakia

Simplified Model of the Snake Rectilinear Motion
A. Gmiterko, I. Virgala

Technical University of Košice, Slovakia

Modeling and Simulation of Primary Solidification Process of Steel
G. O. Tirian, O. Prostean, I. Filip, C. Pinca-Bretotean

“Politehnica” University of Timisoara, Romania

Fault Estimation in a Class of First Order Nonlinear Systems
R. Fónod, D. Gontkovic

Technical University of Košice, Slovakia

A New Configuration Structure of Induction and Synchronous Generators' Stator Windings
Koch-Ciobotaru C., Boraci R., Budisan N., Robu A.

“Politehnica” University of Timisoara, Romania

Detecting the Excessive Activation of the Ciliaris Muscle on Thermal Images
B. Harangi*, T. Csordás**, A. Hajdu*

* University of Debrecen, Debrecen, Hungary
** Debrecen, Hungary.

Distributed Computer Emulation
Peter Jakubco, Norbert Ádám, Eva Danková

Technical University of Košice, Slovakia

Knowledge Discovery from Repository of Web Information
Kristína Machová, Dominika Fodorová

Technical University of Košice, Slovakia

Detecting Different Joint Equilibria with an Evolutionary Approach
Noémi Gaskó, D. Dumitrescu, Rodica Ioana Lung

Design and Implementation of Local Data Mining Model for Short-Term Fog Prediction at the Airport
P. Bednár*, F. Babic*, F. Albert*, J. Paralic*, J. Bartók**

* Technical University of Košice, Slovakia
** MicroStep-MIS spol. s.r.o., Bratislava, Slovakia

Data Flow Graph Mapping Techniques of Computer Architecture with Data Driven Computation Model
Branislav Madoš, Anton Baláž

Technical University of Košice, Slovakia

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