All conference participants stay in one of the guest houses in Herl'any. Please, fill in the online registration form (hotel is available during the symposium only, the earliest arrival: January 21, the latest departure: January 23, ie 2 nights). If you wish to stay longer, please, arrange room reservation for yourself in Kosice.
Registration fee covers the accommodation costs during the symposium in Herlany for 2 nights.
Room reservation is valid iff registration fee arrives until December 21.
All conference participants who are not residents of Slovakia are asked to fill in and bring with themselves the residence report form, it is necessary when you check-in the hotel.

Herl'any is located 26 km (35 minutes by car) from Kosice.

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The village Herlany is placed in the skirts of Slanské vrchy - a mountain range. It is approximately 28 km far from Kosice. It was well known already in the 17th Century for its mineral springs. This fact was a cause of establishment of the local spa. The mineral springs were not sufficient for the demand for mineral waters in the year 1870. Because of that was begun to make a bore which resulted in creation of a world unique - geyser of Herlany. The significance of the village as a health resort faded after the year 1945, but the world curiosity - natural cold geyser (though it has lost its intensity gradually) keeps its unique for almost 130 years.
Basic parameters of the Geyser of Herlany:
- depth 404 m
- it reaches the altitude of app. 20 m during blow-out
- blow-out duration is about 30 min.
- the interval between eruptions is 32 - 36 hrs
- the geyser temperature is 14 - 18 °C and its water is strongly mineralized.
The geyser was proclaimed a national nature preserve.