A list of suggested hotels for accommodation during your stay in Subotica:

Hotel Galleria ****

Single room: EUR 59
Double room: EUR 76
Apartment: EUR 76 per person, EUR 90 for two people
Note: rate for Euro may change
Contact e-mail:
Phone: +381-24-647-111

Hotel Gloria ****

Single room: EUR 53
Double room: EUR 65
Suite, single: EUR 61
Suite, double: EUR 73
Note: rate for Euro may change
Contact e-mail:

Hotel PBG ***

Single room: DIN 2900 (~EUR 24)
Double room: DIN 5400 (~EUR 45)
Budget single room: DIN 2600 (~EUR 21)
Budget double room: DIN 5000 (~EUR 41)
Suite: DIN 7500 per person (~EUR 62)
Note: rate for Euro may change
Contact e-mail:
Phone: +381/24-556-542

Hotel Mali ***

Single room: EUR 20
Double room: EUR 30
Double room for students: EUR 25
No breakfast included.
Contact e-mail:
Phone: +381(0) 24-552-977


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