IEEE 12th International Conference on Intelligent Software Methodologies, Tools and Techniques

SoMeT 2013

September 22-24, 2013

Fisherman's Bastion

Paper Submission

Please use the Electronic Submission Tool to submit your contribution. Please register as author and submit your paper.

Authors are asked to submit electronically the final paper until June 15, 2013 through electronic paper submission system.

The official language of the conference is English.
Authors should submit IEEE standard double-column paper with the minimum of 4 full pages, and maximum pages of 10.
Here are the instructions how to prepare your paper.
This is a guideline in .doc format.
Latex template.
Authors are kindly asked to submit their paper through electronic paper submission system. Papers sent by email are not acceptable.

The paper should be original and unpublished.
Please, do not copy from other publication, because the paper will be checked by IEEE plagium detection software, and it will indicate if there are copied parts.
IEEE takes it very seriously, here are all details regarding plagiarism.
If the paper is not original, not authors' own work, or submitted to other conferences or journals, or a copy of another paper, then the paper is removed at once.
It is not even allowed to copy from author's own paper.

The paper may be checked against plagiarism at any time during review process from paper submission until publication.

The is open for final paper submission until June 15, 2013.

All papers are to be submitted as PDF file format, and be submitted on-line at the Electronic Submission Tool. (If there is problem please send mail

The accepted papers will be based on the originality of the work, on the suitability of the topic to the conference, and on the overall quality of your submission.

The acceptance letters with reviewing comments will be sent by: 15 May 2013.

Please Note that those deadlines are very strict, a delay may cause that the paper may not be possible to be included in the proceedings.

IEEE PDF eXpress check

Before final paper submission authors MUST use (<--- click on the picture to log on to IEEE PDF eXpress) to ensure that the paper is IEEE Xplore compatible.
If the paper is not created totally similar to IEEE format and requirements, it will not be included into IEEE Xplore database after the conference.
Conference ID is somet2013x

Step by step help:
correct/modify your paper according to the reviewer's comments;
2a: log on to IEEE PDF eXpress and register, than submit your source file; after a short time you will get back the IEEE compatible PDF file by e-mail ---> this is your very final paper (file name standard is PIDxxxxxx.pdf); OR
2b: log on to IEEE PDF eXpress and register, than submit your paper in a pdf file; it will be checked if the paper is acceptable (passed) or not acceptable (failed);
3: submit your acceptable very final paper into CMT, because many authors think that it is enough just to check the paper and they lie back that everything is OK without submitting the final paper into the electronic paper submission system.

!!! Please, note that authors will not be informed if the paper fails IEEE PDF check, but the paper will automatically be removed from EasyChair, from the final program and from conference proceedings on June 16 without any notice.


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