UPoN 2024

9th International Conference on Unsolved Problems of Noise
Budapest, Hungary
June 3-7, 2024


Welcome to UPoN 2024!

Authors are welcome to submit original and unpublished extended abstracts which are not currently under review by another conference or journal and addressing state-of-the-art research to share their work in all areas of unsolved problems on noise and applications, and attend the 9th International Conference on Unsolved Problems on Noise (UPoN 2024) to be held on June 3-7, 2024 in Budapest, Hungary.


Random fluctuations, and its effect on systems, have always been an interdisciplinary subject that has attracted some of the best scientists. The aim of the UPoN conference is to provide a forum for researchers working on different fields of noise, fluctuations and variability, where they can present their scientific problems which do resist solutions and discuss together in a fruitful atmosphere.


Noise in quantum systems
Noise at the nano scale
Noise in devices
Noise in biology and biomedicine
Noise and oscillations
Noise in sensing
Noise in society
Artificial intelligence and deep learning
Various noise processes
Noise in security

Keynote Talks

Alexander Balandin



Noise of Charge Density Waves in Low-Dimensional Quantum Condensate Materials

M. Jamal Deen

McMaster Univ., Canada


Low-Frequency Noise in Downscaled Silicon Transistors - Trends and Unsolved Issues

Dante Chialvo

USAM, Argentina


What Kind of Noise is Brain Noise?

Michel Dyakonov

Univ. Montpellier, France


On (The Impossibility of Practical) Quantum Computing

Mark Dykman



Fluctuations in Weakly Damped Driven Vibrational Systems

Igor Goychuk

Univ. Erlangen-Nürnberg, Germany


Nonlinear Viscoelastic Transport and Diffusion: How can Seemingly Overdamped Brownian Particles Exhibit Sustained Oscillations?

Levente Kovács

Óbuda University, Budapest, Hungary


Personalized Cancer Therapy by Model-based Optimal Robust Control Algorithm

Peter McClintock

Univ. of Lancaster, UK


Noise-driven Permeation of Ions through Tiny Channels and Pores in Biology and Nanotechnology

Michael Weissman



Bayesian Analysis of the Probable Origins of Covid: Quantifying "Friggin' Likely"

Suhail Zubairy

Texas A&M University, USA


Counterfactual Communication: Protocol and Controversy

Banquet Speaker

Derek Abbott

Univ. Adelaide, Australia


Invited Speakers

Derek Abbott

Univ. Adelaide, Australia

Wolfgang Belzig

Univ. Konstanz, Germany

Stas Burov

Bar Ilan Univ., Israel

Ho Bun Chan

Hong Kong Univ. Sci.Tech, Hong Kong

András Dér

HUN-REN Biological Research Centre, Hungary

Alexander Dubkov

Lobachevsky State Univ., Russia

David Holcman

ENS, France

Gábor Kertész

Óbuda University, Budapest, Hungary

Massimo Macucci

Univ. of Pisa, Italy

Graziella Scandurra

Univ. of Messina, Italy

Janusz Smulko

Tech. Univ. Gdansk, Poland

Stanislav Soskin

Nat. Acad, Sci, Ukraine

Gergely Vadai

Univ. of Szeged, Hungary

Vladislav Yakovlev

Texas A&M Univ., USA



Óbuda University
Address: Bécsi út 96/b, H-1034 Budapest, Hungary

Authors' Schedule

Extended abstract submission: March 1, 2024
Notification: March 18, 2024
Final paper submission for selected papers: June 30 (Submission link will come later on)
Registration deadline: April 15, 2024

Next Deadline

Registration deadline: April 15, 2024


The capital of Hungary is Budapest, a vivid, friendly and open-minded city. There is a lot to do and see here.