July 17-28, 2017
Óbuda University / EKIK
Address: Kiscelli u. 78-82, H-1032 Budapest, Hungary

Our Services

for the success of ISO/IEC Robotics Standardization Meeting


Notable dissemination efforts

The midterm results and achievements of working groups are gradually becoming published as ISO and IEC standards. There will be 2 press releases associated with the event, one right before, and one right after. These will be widely distributed in the Hungarian media. Local and international online professional portals and sites will receive the communication. Emails will be sent out widely to popularize the Medical Robotics Workshop, while a special report will be featured in the Óbuda University newsletter and printed magazine (Hírmondó). Students and staff will be notified about the event via the electronic registration system (Neptun).


Forward looking statement

The Organizing team at IROB is truly committed to make this a unique experience for the international and local experts. Óbuda University has a long term commitment to excellence, and supporting standardization activities is part of the professional development path envisioned. We hope that your company will also share these values, and will become a partner. We are continuously looking for long-term collaborations and partnerships in our domain.